Chen Luo

001_ Multiple Formats 
002_MFA 2022 Exhibition
003_ Hui
005_ Remix Edition I&II
006_ Multiple Formats  
008_ Light the Lantern 
009_ Poster Series 
010_ Translation
011_ Transmute
013_ Book of Books
014_ Book Cover Proposals
015_ 50 Iterations on BURO Poster
016_ Authority & Official
017_ Black Letter Research
018_ Radio Exercise
019_ Zen: White

Chen Luo

Multiple Formats 
Contemporary Art Book Symposium

Repost from Multiple Formats: Contemporary Art Book Symposium weaves together conversations about artist books and higher education, pedagogical practices involving artist books, artist advocacy, and artist book distribution, collection, and access. Intended to be an elastic and inclusive forum for discussions about artist book publishing, Multiple Formats pays particular attention to publishing by graphic designers, the use and creation of artist books in visual arts programs, publishing as a personal and collaborative process, and other topics of interest.
Graphic identity, 2022, Boston

MFA 2022 Exhibition

Under the guidance of Christopher Sleboda, the 2022 branding team was composed of Reshma Vijayan, Jaylen Wang, led by myself and Chuck Gonzala. The inspiration of the identity was drawn from the increased normalcy and daily usage of QR codes during to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo credit: Chuck Gonzala and Chen Luo

Identity design and exhibition design, 2022, Boston

Hui 家 

Hui ĺ®¶ was selected for the Radical Return exhibition which was curated for a group of Chinese(-American designers). The exhibition is staged at @buartgalleries in Boston and @isagallery_shanghai in Shanghai. 

We all have a home to return to, although it often relocates. The bold characters “家”, are Chinese translation for home, representing the SAME eager of returning home for everyone. In the background, the contour of the maps for Hengyang, Toronto, and Boston, enclosed with poem written by myself, remarks my devotion and love to my three homes where I grew up; separated from my parents; and started my own family respectively. Surrounding text around the edges are questions always asked in daily life on where you are from, or in other words, where you want to RETURN to.

Photo credit to Tony Luong for BUAG and Junki Chen for IS A GALLERY
Poster, 2022, Boston, Shanghai


Hallway, tunnel, corridor, etc. We can easily identify the shell of a liminal space. But we often neglect the carrier/passenger that moves through liminality. Unlike other common carriers, the elevator moves up and down, with limited and encapsulated inner space, resulting in a blind-ed sense of transition during its ride. In these countless short rides, most people simply do nothing. But interesting attempts were made to fill the void — overwhelmed advertisement, elevator pitch, map, and signage, etc. COVID also tweaks it a bit with fewer people but more signs contained. By reiterating the visual, audible, touchable impression of my elevator rides, I hope to reconstruct such commonly ignored liminal space and explore inspiration from it with my audience.
Installation, typeface design, programmed video, 2021, Boston